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Korea's first mobile media platform, Motov


Mobility Media Platform, Motov

As the first digital taxi tower media platform in Korea, it is a real-time location-based taxi tower system. MOTOV is a media platform that not only informs advertising but also informs various information. A new outdoor/traffic/digital medium that can provide reasonable prices and high effects.

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  • First-Mover Adv.


    With taxi-top displays gradually becoming introduced globally, Motov has led the way with more than 4 years under development and 3 years of operation in Korea. Our technology is superior and protected with international patents and licensing agreements, raising the barrier of entry and giving us a lead in realizing the ultimate market advantage and the best value to clients.

  • Geo-targeting Ads

    Reaching Customers

    The Monex Global Business platform, using Motov’s technology, is built to reach customers using Mobility Digital Out of Home (MDOOH) media to include mass awareness while directly targeting specific consumers.

  • Intelligent AP

    Intelligent AP

    Monex, with the Motov platform, provides dynamic uploads directly from the merchant to the taxi display while providing real-time information on events and crowd activities to aid the merchant in personalizing the advertising to instantaneously take advantage of developing situations.


World’s most advanced outdoor advertising platform

Monex ensures the merchant’s advertisement gets the desired exposure by providing the client with a friendly, menu-driven interface (Advertiser Center Dashboard) with the ability to tailor the advertisement on the fly.

Through the Advertiser Center, not only can the merchants’ tailor their ad campaign, they can continuously monitor the location and time of their ad exposure as well as estimate the number, age, and gender of the viewers.

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Additional revenue opportunities for taxis

After installing the Motov taxi-top display, the taxi is operated as usual while earning additional revenue each month. In addition, a driver dashboard allows taxi companies visibility into driving patterns and valuable usage information.

* Currently we are looking to expand in Daejeon and Incheon

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Global Business Lead, Monex

Building on Motov’s data-based taxi-top displays and communications platforms, Monex is taking the Motov offering Global as part of its broader Data Driven AdvertisingTM strategy. Utilizing key DOOH device form factors and methodologies, a family of products with data driven protocols come together to deliver personalized advertising.

Bringing specific consumers to merchants builds a productive and beneficial ecosystem, changing for the better how people sell products we need in our lives.

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Smile Together!

Monex-Motov development aims to become a model system, benefiting all vehicle rideshare and delivery businesses, advertisement agencies, small business owners, municipalities and citizens. Bringing together displays with DOOH media industries, we are creating social value to better manage big data and traffic flow, allowing for a happier and more secure future.

  • MOTOV Headquarters

    B1, B1023, 119, Songdomunhwa-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, 21985,
    Republic of Korea

    B1, B1023, 119, Songdomunhwa-ro, Yeonsu-gu,
    Incheon, 21985, Republic of Korea

  • MOTOV.Tech

    3F, 51, Boramae-ro, Gwanak-gu,
    Seoul, Republic of Korea

  • MOTOV.Lab

    B1, 566, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu,
    Seoul, Republic of Korea